Global Bond Fund

Investment Objective

The Global Bond Fund is a fixed income fund which aims to provide the highest possible level of return while still maintaining liquidity and preserving capital, mainly through investments in USD fixed rate investment grade instruments. The Global Bond Fund seeks to maintain a Net Asset Value which will provide stable and reasonable returns to its shareholders.


The Global Bond Fund will invest predominantly in investment grade fixed rate bonds issued in USD. Its emphasis will be on principal protection and maintaining the highest credit rating possible in the global financial markets.

FG Financial Fund SAC
NAV's as at 02/15/2017

FG-Growth Fund
NAV: $1.6363
12 month return: 8.09%
FG-Diversified Fund
NAV: $1.5621
12 month return: 5.27%
FG-Preferred Income Fund
NAV: $1.4719
12 month return: 3.85%
FG-Global USD Bond Fund
NAV: $1.0436724
12 month return: 0.72%

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Average B$ Term Deposit Rate

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