Growth Fund

Investment Objective

FG Financial Growth Fund is an aggressive Fund whose objective is to provide a combination of capital appreciation and income over the long-term. This Fund is ideal for individual and institutional investors with long-term horizons and capital growth objectives who can accept the volatility of the equities market.

Investment Strategy

FG Financial Growth Fund invests in a diversified selection of Bahamian equities (listed and non-listed), mortgages, and fixed income securities. The Growth Fund focuses primarily on liquid stocks in the Bahamian market with above-average long-term growth potential or stocks which are considered undervalued in the market relative to their long-term potential.

Investment Risk and Return

Equities are riskier investments, but historical evidence reveals that equity markets provide higher rates of return over the long-term. Our Growth Fund returns are benchmarked against the BISX All shared Index.

FG Financial Fund SAC
NAV's as at 02/15/2017

FG-Growth Fund
NAV: $1.6363
12 month return: 8.09%
FG-Diversified Fund
NAV: $1.5621
12 month return: 5.27%
FG-Preferred Income Fund
NAV: $1.4719
12 month return: 3.85%
FG-Global USD Bond Fund
NAV: $1.0436724
12 month return: 0.72%

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