Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed financial product that allows a group of investors (individuals/institutions) to pool their money for a set investment objective. One type of mutual fund is an umbrella fund which is comprised of a number of sub-funds, with different investment strategies. FG Financial currently sponsors an umbrella fund through its mutual funds company FG Financial Fund Limited SAC.

FG Financial Fund Limited SAC offers three sub-funds:

As an investor you can choose to invest in one or any combination of these unique funds depending on your financial needs, risk tolerance and the length of time required to achieve your objective. Each of these funds is governed by strict investment guidelines and objectives. Your investment is managed by qualified and experienced investment managers and is held in segregated accounts.

Advantages of a mutual fund account

Establishing a mutual fund account with FG Financial assures you the following benefits:

  • The ability to achieve diversification in your investment portfolio
  • Potentially higher rates of return on your investment dollar
  • Access to knowledgeable and professional investment advice
  • Ease of buying and selling your mutual fund holdings
  • Access to investment opportunities ordinarily available only to larger investors
  • Online access to your account 24hrs per day

Account opening procedures

Complete the attached form and submit it to our office at the Family Guardian Corporate Centre, East Bay and Shirley Streets, along with a valid passport or driver's license, National Insurance card and address verification (either a voter’s card or utility bill showing your street address).
Mutual Fund Account Application – Individual (pdf)

Please fill out the attached form and submit it to our office at the Corporate Centre, East Bay and Shirley Streets, along with KYC information on Directors and Authorized Signatories of shareholders' accounts including copies of a valid passport, certified copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Authorised Signatory Listing and a Resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing the Subscription.
Mutual Fund Account Application – Corporate (pdf)

FG Financial Fund SAC
NAV's as at 02/15/2017

FG-Growth Fund
NAV: $1.6363
12 month return: 8.09%
FG-Diversified Fund
NAV: $1.5621
12 month return: 5.27%
FG-Preferred Income Fund
NAV: $1.4719
12 month return: 3.85%
FG-Global USD Bond Fund
NAV: $1.0436724
12 month return: 0.72%

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